Amanda (vamp11) wrote,

Buddhism and the Modern Mystic

Ancient Magickal History - Contemporary Magickal Practice

This Sunday, the Institute of Awesome will be delving into the philosophies and history of Buddhism. Who was the original Buddha? What is a Bodhisattva? How has Buddhism changed as it encountered the indigenous religions of the regions it expanded to? And most importantly: How can the thinking and practices of Buddhism enhance your daily lives and your magickal work?

Join Matt and Amanda as they teach on a subject that is near and dear to us personally, as well as being the subject that collectively they have written the most papers on :-P

Bring your favorite coloring utensils, be they crayons, pencils, or pens, as we will explore Mandala making as part of the class. Paper will be provided.

See you Sunday, 12pm-2pm!

E|M Fine Art
410 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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