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Une Cachette Insoupçonnable

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November 27th, 2010

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03:39 pm - kittens!
Thanks to my throbbing womb, R and I became foster parents to five adorable kittens. They are now 11 weeks old and the twins Perseus (Percy) and Enso (the Princess) are looking for a happy home and a loving family. These guys are amazingly sweet kitties. Percy is all about the love - he wants to cuddle and give you kisses all the time. When he is not snuggling on you he is out being a grand adventurer exploring the world. Enso is curious and wants to play with everything, including you!. She is indeed a precious princess with the cutest face and purrs. They are an adorable bonded pair who romp and play with each other all day, and then crash hard into kitten naps.

If you are looking to add some sweethearts to your home, or if you know anybody who would be interested, please send an email to aehauk11@gmail.com

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